JIGHI” means “HOPE" in the West African language of Bambara.

La Fondation Jighi believes that the best way to unlock human potential is through the power of technology. For technology is truly unbiased and can be the equalizer that creates attainable "hopes" for under-served communities. La Fondation Jighi work en partnership with Businesses, NGOs, governments and individuals to create or find technological solutions that transform lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow. Whether it's improving health for underserved communities, increasing opportunity for african youth, reducing dependencies on foreign technical experts, La Fondation Jighi strive to be part of the solutions. Our goal is to use improve lives by harnessing the power of moderne technologies, telecommunication, and software development. At La Fondation Jighi, we keep score by the lives we help improved.



Because technologie has shown to be a far better catalyst of societal change than any other political or economic levers, La Fondation Jighi’s has chosen to educate, support, and impact communities by making technology the main ingredient of its formula. Its mission has 3 pillars:


Help for cause


La Fondation Jighi is an operating foundation. The money raised by La Fondation Jighi is spent directly on programs, and not as grants to other charitable organizations.

The majority of La Fondation Jighi ’s charitable work is performed and implemented by our staff and partners on the ground. We operate programs mostly in West Africa and particularly in the Ivory Coast where the headquarter is based. We believe that our work has significant impact in this part of the world. Indeed, our impact is measurably felt in a wide range of issue areas, including economic development, health and wellness, economic empowerment for youth, technology-driven entreprenorship, Internet economies, application development, etc...

In cases where we support others in their own philanthropic endeavors, the money is used to convene these partners to develop their programs and commitments, rather than directly implement projects.

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Ten Aspects Of Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principles

The greatest good is helping communities to believe in their own intellectual potential.

The greatest good is helping communities to believe in their own intellectual potential.

Technology alone cannot change lives, people do.

No one technology can solve a societal problem, but together, people and technologies can improve human conditions.

Results that can be measured are the only results that matter.
At La Fondation Jighi , we keep score of lives that we have measurebably helped improved.

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